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To experienced ATE members: Your assistance is needed to help design a new ATE initiative, the ATE Induction Symposium for New Professors. Click here to view an the attachment with detailed information.

1. You may assist by responding to the questions in the first paragraph below.

2. You may also assist by volunteering to be an ATE Induction Symposium mentor. Information is in the second paragraph below.

1.  Based on your experiences in leadership roles, what issue(s) or challenge(s) of any kind do many beginning professors seem to encounter?  What would you like new professors to learn about being a professor before they come to you?  What do you wish they would figure out faster about the professional culture they are entering? We value your opinion. Responses are welcomed in narrative form, bullet points, or a combination. You may also send us a scenario description or mini case study to be used for problem solving and discussion.

2.  Would you like to be a potential ATE Induction Mentor for a 2015 Symposium participant? Mentors and mentees will be matched as closely as possible based on the mentee’s new professorial position. Mentors will be assigned to one or possibly two mentees. They meet their mentee(s) at the summer conference (preferred - or virtually if unable to attend). They also assist the mentee(s) in building  their vita by inviting the mentee(s) to join them in a collaborative presentation, and ideally in a potential publication, at the next February or summer ATE conference. (February ATE proposal deadline falls prior to the summer conference but presenters can often be added to existing sessions.)

Would you like to be an ATE Induction Mentor for a beginning professor, please email Mary Selke (mjselke@aol.com). In your email message, please include the areas and/or content areas (examples: elementary education, educational administration, special education, etc.) in which you would be comfortable mentoring an ATE Induction Symposium participant.

If you know of anyone else who is an ATE member - or would like to join ATE - and is an experienced college/university leader and would be a wonderful resource person for the Induction Symposium steering committee members, please feel free to forward this message to them. (Yes, this is snowball sampling but it's ok for this purpose.)  All responses will be kept confidential and if scenarios are used they will be configured to protect that. However, everyone who responds will have their contribution recognized.

Please respond by May 1, or as soon as possible afterward, by emailing Mary Selke: mjselke@aol.com.


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