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Association of Teacher Educators 2017 Election Results

Laurie Curtis, Chair of the ATE Nominations and Elections Committee, has certified the results of the 2017 elections. Those elected are as follows:

Second Vice President

The Second Vice President will take office as First Vice President at the end of the February 2018 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV and as President at the end of the February 2019 Annual Meeting. A Second Vice President nominee must be a current active member who has held a Regular, Life, Retired or Distinguished membership for three consecutive years and who is or has been a member of the Board of Directors, Delegate Assembly, or on a national committee or commission.

Christie McIntyre, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Christie McIntyre

Biographical Sketch: Christie Mclntyre, a member of the ATE Board of Directors, also served on the ATE Research Committee as co-coordinator of the ATE Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Selection Committee. She also was a member of the ATE Committee on Constructivism, chaired the Task Force on Student Leaders, is a member of the ATE Leadershrp Academy and has served on numerous conference planning committees. She will chair the 2019 ATE annual conference in Atlanta. At the college and university level, Dr. Mclntyre has been actively involved in enhancing and supporting faculty assessment practices. As department chair, she embraces teamwork and collaboration to further department goals.

Position Statement: In 2020, the Association of Teacher Educators will mark our 100th Anniversary. Although we have been known as various entities throughout the past century the one constant has been our commitment to excellence in teacher education. Although teacher  education faces many challenges, this commitment to excellence would remain a hallmark of my presidency. We need to continue to elevate the presence of ATE at the federal and state levels as well as in our colleges and universities. In recent years we have developed innovative programs that have caught the attention of others outside of our organization and has attracted people to ATE. Programs such as the Emerging Scholars and Clinical Fellows must continue to be supported and highlighted. However we must work together to develop other programs designed to embrace teacher education but also will draw more people into ATE membership. Thus two of my major initiatives will be to continue to develop programs that attract new members into ATE. This emphasis on program development and membership enhancement will hopefully create a foundation that will enable ATE to be just as committed in our next century as we have been in the past.

Board of Directors PK-12 Representative

The Board of Directors PK-12 Representative will take office at the end of the February 2018 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV and serve through 2021. The PK-12 Representative must be public or private school personnel (preK-12) at the time of the election and must be a current active member who has held a Regular, Life, Retired or Distinguished membership for three consecutive years and who has served or is serving in the Delegate Assembly, or on a national standing committee, commission or task force.

Sophia Paljevic, Third Grade Teacher, NYC Public Schools, Bronx, NY

Sophia Paljevic

Biographical Sketch: As a third grade teacher in the New York City Public Schools, Sophia Paljevic regularly welcomes pre-service teachers into her classroom to help them learn about teaching urban youth. She has attended and presented her work at ATE conferences for six years and is currently engaged in a research project pairing practicing teachers with student teachers as an additional mentor during the student teaching experience. Sophia actively seeks out undergraduate and graduate students and encourages them to present research at ATE conferences. Serving as her school’s advisor for Teacher Rounds, Sophia works with colleagues to jointly improve their teaching practice.

Position Statement: We are living in a time where effective teaching is becoming less about children’s learning and more about test scores and their impact on schools. Practicing teachers desire to teach children the skills to help them become successful adults, but feel pressure to teach to the test. It is important that we as members of the ATE organization support pre-service and practicing teachers. We can accomplish this by continuing to have a cohesive voice speaking on behalf of teacher educators, practicing teachers and pre-service teachers; encouraging lawmakers to understand the true value and purpose of education to the future of our country.

I believe teacher education should be conceived broadly. Practicing teachers who work with pre-service teachers should consider themselves teacher educators who are just as devoted to the future of the profession as their college faculty peers. It is critical for ATE to engage practicing teachers and pre-service teachers, thus creating life-long members. As a classroom teacher myself, I will actively work to increase membership among practicing and pre-service teachers by helping them understand the benefits of holding membership in ATE. Everyone’s involvement is key in reaching ATE’s full potential as the foremost organization devoted to teacher education.

Board of Directors College/University Representative

The Board of Directors College/University Representative will take office at the end of the February 2018 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV and serve through 2021. The College/ University Representative must be college or university personnel working directly in educator preparation at the time of the election and be a current active member who has held a Regular, Life, Retired or Distinguished membership for three consecutive years and who has served or is serving in the Delegate Assembly, or on a national standing committee, commission or task force.

Rachelle Rogers, Clinical Assistant Professor, Baylor University, Waco, TX

Rachelle Rogers

Biographical Sketch: As a clinical faculty member, I spend equal time in our local middle school PDS and the university classroom. I’ve enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned across those boundaries in such publications as the ATE Yearbook XXV, The Teacher Educator, and NAPDS’ journal School-University Partnerships. My work with others in our PDS network has been recognized; our PDS partnership just received the 2017 NAPDS Exemplary Achievement Award. In 2013, SSMA recognized our efforts to integrate science and mathematics with an Award for Excellence. I was humbled when my university peers named me a Baylor Fellow, in recognition of excellence in teaching.

Position Statement: Teacher education will continue to face challenges and we need leadership that remembers and honors the past, but moves us towards a future in which we think differently about the preparation of teachers. I strongly support collaborative efforts between ATE and other professional organizations working to present a collective voice for public education and educator preparation. While educational policies will be established at the federal level, states and local school boards will have to implement those decisions. ATE must support and strengthen our state affiliates now more than ever. We can do this in several ways: (1) make certain there is a national presence at state and regional conferences; (2) continue to enhance the ATE website to provide meaningful resources; (3) offer webinars to support professional activism for affiliates and members; and (4) encourage our communication and public relations committee to use all forms of new media to help get our message out. We need to continue ATE’s growth through quality programs such as the Emerging Scholars, the Leadership Academy, the Clinical Fellows, and the Newcomers Breakfast. We need streamlined paths from these venues into association activities to capture the enthusiasm, insight, and energy of those who participate.


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