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Award Panels & Committees

Sikula Distinguished Unit Awards

ATE started an annual unit awards program in 1988. This program annually recognizes the accomplishments of affiliated units across the country. Awards are presented in three categories:

1. Achievement Awards for those units that meet basic criteria outlined in the Guidelines.
2. Unit Development Awards consisting of a plaque and cash in three areas:
--a. Programs/Services
--b. Membership/Management
--c. Articulation with the National Office
3. Outstanding Unit Award which consists of a major plaque and a $500 cash award.

This program was initiated by President John Sikula who continues to sponsor the program financially and chairs the selection committee.
John Sikula, Ashland University, Chair

Distinguished Teacher Educator Selection Committee Panel

John Sikula, Chair (2018)
Janet Arndt (2018), Catherine DeCourcey (2018), Elaine Hendrix (2018), Tim Sutton (2018), Andrea Cayson (2019), Fanchon "Fancy" Funk (2019), Meagan Musselman (2019), David Byrd (2019), Marie Fero (2019), Audrey Bowser (2020), Christopher Meidie (2020), Howard Walters (2020), Stacy Burr (2020), Paul Paese (2020)

Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education

The DCTE awards recognize and honor school-based teacher educators whose work in a clinical environment helps teachers become better at what they do. ATE acknowledges the school as the principal environment for advancing effective teaching as teachers acquire new skills and practice them in the clinical setting of the classroom. There are four award divisions. Awards may be given annually in each division.

Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education Panel
Charlease Kelly-Jackson (2018), Teresa Strube (2018), Joe Pitts (2018), Jim Alouf (2018), Nancy Albrecht (2019), Barbara Levandowski (2019), Gayla Lohfink (2019), Deborah Thomas (2019), Jannah Narren (2019), Jennifer Young Wallace (2019), Jessica Haddaway (2020), Cathy Pearman (2020), V. Carole Smith (2020), Susan Fernandez (2020), Eileen Westerman (2020)
Distinguished Program in Teacher Education

This award recognizes and honors outstanding teacher education programs that exemplify collaboration between local education agencies and institutions of higher education in program development and administration. ATE stands committed to recognizing this critical connection and emphasizes the Association’s concern for quality teacher education.

Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Panel 

James Duke Laney, Chair (2019)
Stephanie Pepper (2018), Jalene Potter (2018), Ashley Varnell (2018), Ann Shelly (2018), Marcia Swiatek (2018), Carol Donnelly (2019), Joan Ickes (2019), Risa Page (2019), Dipali Puri (2019), Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson (2019), Leslie Huling (2020), Tyna Hunnicutt (2020), Richard Costner (2020), Sandy Philipose


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