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Technology and the Future of Teacher Education

Association Development and Membership [top]
Freddie Bowles, Chair (2019)
Christie McIntyre, Board Liaison (2018)
Priscilla Griffith (2018), Oddmund Myhre (2018), Jerusalem Rivera-Wilson (2018), Debbie Rickey (2018), Erin Shipman (2018), Steven Wojcikiewicz (2019), Jeff Whittingham (2019), Dan Stiffler (2019), Winnie Namatovu (2019); Delilah Davis (2020), Grant Miller (2020), Joseph Nichols (2020), Michael Murphy (2020), Keenya Mosley (2020)

The Association Development Committee annually solicits ideas from the membership, coordinates and communicates these ideas with the other standing committees, the Delegate Assembly and the Board of Directors, for the future development of the Association.

Committee on Committees [top]
Beth Wilkins, Chair (2018)
George Fero, Board Liaison (2018)

Members: Linda Billman (2018), David Byrd (2018), Nancy Gallavan (2018), Jim Alouf (2019), Winona Taylor (2019), Kathy Walsh (2019), Emma Savage-Davis (2020), Pat Swails (2020), Cecilia Hernandez (2020)

The Committee on Committees shall receive and review all requests for new committees; shall verify that proposed new committees do not duplicate existing committees; shall oversee standing committees regarding whether they are following and achieving their responsibilities; shall annually analyze the need for new standing committee responsibilities; shall oversee all responsibilities, review any proposed changes, and oversee standing committees’ compliance with Corporate Bylaws; shall develop a Standing Committee Operations Procedural Manual to be used by all standing committees; and shall assist the President in identifying potential committee members.

Corporate Bylaws [top]
Sharon Lamson, Chair (2018)
Patricia Tate, Board Liaison (2018)
Jane Riehl (2018), Devon Duhaney (2018), Debbie Barnes (2018), Allen Warner (2018), Barbara Purdum-Cassidy (2018), Larry Bohannon (2019), Marie Byrd-Blake (2019), Richard Pappas (2019), David Arneson (2019), Ashlie Jack (2019), Jennifer Aldrich (2020), Jane Govoni (2020), Jim Laney (2020), Leisa Martin (2020)

The Corporate Bylaws Committee is responsible for the language and format of the Corporate Bylaws; prepares, considers, and/or reviews amendments to the Corporate Bylaws in accordance with the purposes of the Association; and is responsible for the analysis of proposed amendments to the Corporate Bylaws, and makes recommendations to the Delegate Assembly and/or voting membership.

Credentials [top]
Michelle Adler, Chair (2019)
Jim Whiteman, Board Liaison (2018)
Patricia Nugent (2018), Sau Hou Chang (2018), Deanne Murray (2018), Mark Olson (2018), Taehyun Kim (2018), Linda McKinney (2019), Todd Goodson (2019), Sonja Ezell (2019), Rebecca Hubbard (2020), Kathryn Will (2020), Kami Patrizio (2020), Kimberly Carroll (2020)

The Credentials Committee reviews the credentials of all unit representatives designated to serve as delegates to the Delegate Assembly; certifies the seating of all eligible representatives as delegates; and if requested by an unseated representative, refers his/her status to the Delegate Assembly for final action.

Diversity [top]
Stephanie Pepper, Chair (2019)

Liz Ward, Board Liaison (2018)
Prentice Baptiste (2018), JoAnn Sumbry (2018), Del Gillispie (2018), Jiening Ruan (2018), Solomon Abebe (2018), Brittany Aronson (2019), Elyse Hambacher (2019), Mary Ellen McGuire-Schwartz (2019), Lakia M. Scott (2019), Nedra Cossa (2019), Lakeshia Dupree (2020), Molly Zhou (2020), Linda Black (2020), Porter Troutman (2020)

The Diversity Committee shall promote, initiate, and coordinate programs and initiatives in ATE related to diversity. The committee shall also make reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding diversity in ATE.

Fiscal Affairs [top]
Ed Pultorak, Chair (2019)
Karen Embry Jenlink, President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2019)
Shirley Lefever, Past President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2018)
Patricia Tate, First Vice President, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting) (2020)
Sally Creasap (2018), Monica Medina (2018), Paul Paese (2018), Renee Clift (2018), Terry James (2018), Ginny Fender (2019), Sandra Hardy (2019), Jim Gaines (2019), Michael Vetere, Jr. (2019), John McIntyre (2020), Denise Staudt (2020), Robert Fisher (2020), Carrie Robinson (2020), Cynthia Haggard (2020)
David Ritchey, Committee Member Ex Officio (non-voting), ATE Executive Director

The Fiscal Affairs Committee works with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to develop a format for reporting the fiscal matters and works as a liaison with the Board of Directors to review the budget as prepared by the Executive Director. They serve as a channel for accepting fiscal information from the general membership, standing committees, and Delegate Assembly. The committee provides the Delegate Assembly with a yearly status report of the fiscal affairs of the Association; coordinates the generation of outside monies; and considers additional fiscal matters as they are identified.

Honors and Awards [top]

Shaon Zhang, Chair (2018)
John Hicks, Board Liaison (2018)
Rebecca L. Harris (2018), Nancy DeJarnette (2018), Rebecca Frederickson (2018), Nan Li (2018), Glenda Black (2019), Teresa Walls (2019), Yong Yu (2019), Lori Fulton (2019), William Young (2019), Ann Shelly (2020), Shelly Meyers (2020), Judy Leavell (2020), Debby Shulsky (2020), Gayla Lohfink (2020)

The Honors and Awards Committee shall obtain names of award nominees from selection committees/panels; shall provide names of nominees to conference planning committee; shall recommend guidelines for creation of new awards to the ATE Board of Directors; shall evaluate recommendations and nominate candidates for distinguished membership and shall recommend the nominees to the Board of Directors and Delegate Assembly.  Recommendations must be accompanied by documentation of fifteen years of consecutive membership and outstanding contributions to the Association and teacher education; and shall monitor the selection process each year and ensure that selection panels are successful in their charges.

For information and nomination forms for Distinguished Membership, click here.

Legislative and Governmental Relations [top]
Debra Thomas, Chair (2020)
Judy Beck, Board Liaison (2018)
Sylvia Blake (2018), Jeanne Peloso (2018), Donna Jurich (2018), Teresa Meredith (2018), Carla Tanguay (2018), Lynn Kline (2019), Jeff Renfrow (2019), Sharon Goodvin (2019), Noran L. Moffett (2019), Joseph Nichols (2019), Elisabeth Johnston(2020), Priscilla Hernandez Petrosky (2020), Priscilla Boerger (2020), Thomas Smith (2020)

The Legislative and Governmental Relations Committee organizes a system by which individuals from the Association establish and maintain relationships with national and state legislative and governmental bodies. The committee also prepares and monitors membership training programs to improve working relations with political decision makers.

Nominations and Elections [top]
Donna Cox, Chair (2019)
Linda Austin, Board Liaison (2018)
Dona Gibson (2018), Alicja Rieger (2018), Tim Fry (2018), Tammie Brown (2018), Cathy Pearman (2018), Edwina Vold (2019), Leona Johnson (2019), Rachel Wolkenhauer (2020), Emma Savage-Davis (2020), Gwen McAlpine (2020), V. Carole Smith (2020), Kathy Evans (2020), Annette Digby (2020)

The Nominations and Elections Committee secures recommendations from authorized units and membership at-large for the offices to be filled; verifies the eligibility of all prospective nominees; prepares a slate consisting of a minimum of two nominees for each office to be filled; secures from each nominee a resume of professional activities for use in the preparation of the ballot; is responsible, in cooperation with the Executive Director, for mailing the election ballots to the current eligible membership; is responsible for the receipt, counting and certification of the completed ballots; and informs the Executive Director of the election results.

Professional Journal [top]
Patricia Swails, Chair (2018)

Amy Barrios, Board Liaison (2018)
Carol Angell (2018), Sadie Barocas (2018), Ann Weber (2018), Debra Coffey (2018), Kathryn Brooks (2018), Ye He "Jane" (2019), Cindy Watson (2019), Janet Johnson (2019), Susan Adamson (2019), Jennifer Young Wallace (2019), Jill Gonzalez-Bravo (2020), Patricia Marshall (2020), Tim Sutton (2020), Romena Holbert Garrett (2020)
Thomas A. Crumpler, Ex Officio (journal editor); Lara J. Handsfield, Ex Officio (journal editor); Thomas A. Lucey, Ex Officio (journal editor)

The Professional Journal Committee makes content and publication decisions concerning the Association of Teacher Educators official journal; includes the editor of the journal and his/her associates/assistants as ex officio, no-voting members; and develops and recommends to the Delegate Assembly, criteria and procedures for the selection of journal editor(s).

Click here to download ATE's Publications Submission Guidelines.

Public Relations and Communications [top]
Vince O'Neill, Chair (2020)
Shirley Lefever, Board Liaison (2018)

Noble Corey (2018), Dona Gibson (2018), Mary Kay Rodgers (2018), Mary T. Vetere (2018), Jason Ampel (2018), Walt Polka (2019), Ryen Borden (2019) Andrea Lewis (2019), Rick Gibson (2019), Manina Urgolo Huckvale (2019), Rachelle Rogers (2019), Roberta Kerr (2020), Joan Ickes (2020), Jillian Wendt (2020), Scott Farver (2020)

The Public Relations and Communications Committee is responsible for planning a program to enhance the image and the goals of the Association through print, electronic media and other sources; assists in publicizing association clinics, workshops, conferences and other events; and cooperates in the production of materials and techniques to enhance the image of the Association.

Research [top]
Patrick Jenlink, Chair (2018)
John Hicks, Board Liaison (2018)
Susan Landt (2018), Rebecca Fredrickson (2018), John McConnell (Co-Chair, Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award, 2018), Kimberly Reinhardt (2018), Maika J. Yeigh (2019), Kim Humerickhouse (2019), Charlene Johnson (2019), Bianca Prather-Jones (2019), Terri Gaddert (2019), Aiyana Henry (Co-Chair, Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award, 2020), Courtney Koestler (2020), Thomas Crumpler (2020), Laveria Hutchison (2020), Lara Handsfeld (2020)

The Research Committee promotes, initiates, and coordinates program development and research, placing special emphasis on collaborative efforts. The committee also recognizes and reports exemplary research and program development efforts, identifies and sanctions needed research, and submits to the appropriate committees recommendations for publications.

Resolutions [top]
Charlotte Mendoza, Chair (2020)
Patricia Tate, Board Liaison (2018)
Roberta Gentry (2018), Brooke Marsh (2018), Mary Fisher (2018), Valerie Owens (2018), Mary Ann Norman (2019), Amber Brown (2019), Joshua deSantis (2019), Howard Smith (2019), Lori Cook Benjamin (2019), Craig Hammonds (2020), Angela Hooser (2020), Qiang "Andy" Cheng (2020), Tim Richards (2020), Susan Fernandez (2020)

The Resolutions Committee considers and formulates resolutions based upon the thinking and concern of the diverse membership, the recommendations of authorized units, and the deliberations and actions of the Delegate Assembly, committees and the Board of Directors. The committee also solicits and presents with recommendations to the Delegate Assembly resolutions which state the principles, policies and goals of the Association, and resolutions which direct action or state the position of the Association on educational matters.

Technology and the Future of Teacher Education [top]
Aileen Watts, Chair (2020)
Liz Ward, Board Liaison (2018)

David McCarthy (2018), Sylvia Martin (2018), Jacqueline Gaffner (2018), Carol Fleres (2018), Minerva Ladores Young (2018), Mohamed Ibrahim (2019), Tom Lucey (2019), Deanna Romano (2019), Helaine Marshall (2019), David Allen (2019), Ewa McGrail (2020), Phu Vu (2020), Jean Kiekel (2020), Harvey Henson (2020)

Technology Advisory Group: Paul Resta, Ex Officio; Robert McLaughlin, Ex Officio

The Technology and the Future of Teacher Education Committee shall: inform members of the Association on emerging trends in technology and their applications in teacher education; work with national meeting planning committees and the leadership of the Association to integrate technology trends into the programs of national meetings; work with the elected leadership of the Association and the Executive Director to increase the technological capability of the association and its operations; shall work with the Executive Director to seek external support for the Association’s efforts in increased technology; may invite representatives of the private sector and funding agencies to ex-officio membership on the Committee, with approval of the Board of Directors, to build linkages for the Association with those organizations; and shall make an annual report to the Delegate Assembly on its activities.

The Committee has published a report, A New Era: Increasing Technology Places in the Association of Teacher Educators. To download this report as a pdf file, click here. Note: This is a very large file (greater than 1 megabyte), so depending on the speed of your Internet access it may take a while to download.

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