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2020 Call for Proposals

ATE 2020 Online Summer Conference

Reviewers - access the Online Portal!

Washington, DC

August 7-11th, 2020

An Online Summer Conference!

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The online Call for Proposals for ATE's 2020 Online Summer Conference is now available. To submit a proposal, please read all of the information below, prepare your material, and submit your proposal online through our online portal. 

Proposals are due by June 15, 2020. For a print copy of the information below click here.



August 7 - 11, 2020

Our United Voices Building a Crescendo: Advocating for Inclusiveness, Equity, and Excellence in Teacher Education

Strand 1: Advocating for all people through a culture of inclusivity

Strand 2:  Advancing educator preparation throughout ATE’s next century 

Strand 3:  Collaborating in support of equitable educational opportunities

Strand 4:  Empowering educators toward excellence through research and practice

The 2020 Online Summer Conference Planning Committee encourages sessions that use multiple presenters, undergraduate and graduate students, classroom teachers, teacher educators at all levels, other school personnel, and policy makers. These sessions may include the application of research, position papers, descriptions of existing programs/practices, or innovation in teacher education. Various types of sessions addressing the conference theme or other ATE interests are scheduled throughout the conference. The 2020 online summer conference is an all multiple-paper conference. There will be no single paper sessions.

 Proposals are due June 15, 2020. All proposals are blind, peer-reviewed.  

Thematic Sessions (scheduled for August 9-11):

Sixty to Eighty-minute sessions addressing the conference theme or other ATE interests. These sessions may include the application of research, position papers, descriptions of existing programs/practices, or innovation in teacher education. Proposals of the following types are encouraged.

A. Multiple Paper Format:  This type of thematic session provides an opportunity for authors to present a synopsis of their work. The planning committee will group two-three papers of a related topic or theme for 60 to 80 minutes. Each paper will be given approximately 20 to 25 minutes to present, followed by a 10 to 15-minute question-and-answer session.

B. Roundtable Format:  Roundtables are informal sessions during which presenters are seated at a table to discuss works-in-progress that may not be ready for formal presentation. Tables are numbered to allow conference attendees to easily identify an individual presenter’s session. Each discussion lasts 60 minutes.

C.  Symposium: A symposium provides an opportunity to examine specific research issues, problems, or topics from a variety of perspectives. Symposia may use a panel discussion format targeted at a clearly delineated research issue or idea.  Symposium submissions may have 3 - 4 papers for the 60 – 90 minute session.  The session organizer will provide the name and information of a Symposium Discussant.

D. Research Sessions:  Two – three research papers will be grouped by related topics or themes in 60 - 80-minute sessions. 
Research papers are presented in approximately 15 - 20-minute time segments. A Discussant will provide a response at the conclusion of the presentations.  If a proposal is accepted a written paper or research report MUST be submitted to the Discussant by July 15, 2020.


Proposal Format:

Proposals must be submitted by June 15, 2020. Please read the information on this page in its entirety to better understand the requirements and guidelines for the proposal submission. Each proposal, regardless of session type, must be submitted as either a PDF or jpg file, including all required information as stated below, and submitted HERE.

Note: You will need to create a cvent account to submit your proposal.

Follow the arrows to get started...

A. Cover Page:

1. Title of the Session

2. Type of Session: Identify as one of the following: Multiple Paper, Roundtable, Symposium, or Research Session.

3. Session Organizer: Name, title, organization (institution), e-mail and mailing addresses, and telephone number.

4. Additional Presenters: Same information as Session Organizer

5. Subject Descriptors: Identify the conference strand this presentation most closely relates to and include up to three, one – or – two-word descriptors for the subject index.

6.  Teacher Educator Standards: Select the appropriate Teacher Educator Standard(s) that aligns with your submission: 1) Teaching; 2) Cultural Competence; 3) Scholarship; 4) Professional Development; 5) Program Development; 6) Collaboration; 7) Public Advocacy; 8) Teacher Education Profession; 9) Vision. See ATE Website ( for more complete descriptions.

7. Summary for Conference Program: Describe the session in thirty words or less for use in the conference program. Be precise in describing the content of the session to aid attendees in selecting topics relevant to their interests. If the summary exceeds the 30- word limit, the program committee may edit it prior to the conference.

8. ATE Participation and Professional Role: Please identify your professional role (e.g., undergraduate and graduate student, classroom teacher, university/school-based teacher educator, other school personnel, policy makers. etc.) and level of ATE involvement (member, non-member, conference newcomer).

B.  Abstract of Presentation

Thematic Presentation (Omit any identifiers from your abstract.)

  1. Title
  2. Type of Presentation: (Multiple Paper, Roundtable, Symposium or Research Session.)
  3. Content of Presentation (no more than 1,500 words, including methodology and literature review when appropriate)
  4. Teacher Educator Standard(s) Addressed (
  5. Objective(s) of the Presentation
  6. Relationship to Conference Theme/Strands
  7. Relevance or Implications of Topic
  8. Participant Outcomes


Reviewers may not review a proposal that does not follow this format. Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of how well each component of the abstract is addressed in the submission.


Due Dates and Submission:
Proposals must be submitted by June 15, 2020. Proposals should be submitted HERE


General Information

A. All presenters are required to pre-register for the conference.

B. All Thematic and Featured Session Rooms will be equipped with an LCD Projector Support Package which includes projection screen and projection table with electrical connections as well as an LCD projector. It does not include computer or Apple connections. All Thematic and Featured Session Rooms will have access to WiFi. If additional audiovisual equipment is needed, ATE will provide the name of an agency that can be contacted for individual presentation arrangements.

C. Information used in the program is copied from the proposal cover page. ATE reserves editorial rights.

D. All communication will be with the session organizer who is responsible for communicating with other presenters of that session.

E. Graduate students, classroom teachers, and new ATE members are especially encouraged to submit proposals.

2020 ATE Online Summer Conference Planning Committee

Judy Beck, President

Shirley LefeverPlanning Committee Chair

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