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  Association of Teacher Educators

Commissions, Councils, and Task Forces

Commission on a Critical Re-examination of the ATE Teacher Educator Standards

(2022-2025 - R. Rogers Commission)
Co-Chairs: John R.  McConnell III & Nancy P. Gallavan

Members: Justin Adcock, Terrell Brown, Rebecca Burns, Brandon Butler, David Byrd, Marie Byrd, Heather K. Dillard, Amanda Eller, Robert Fisher, Susan Fernandez, Stephanie Furuta, Romena Holbert, Laveria Hutchison, Gilda Martinez-Alba, Cathy Pearman, Barbara Purdum-Cassidy, LeAnn Putney, Jerry Rivera-Wilson, Carrie Robinson, Elizabeth Ward, Valerie Wright, Shaoan Zhang, and Aaron Zimmerman

Description: View the essential questions that frame the purpose and goals of this task.

View a full list of committee members.

Inquiry Initiative Task Force

(2022-2025 - R. Rogers Commission)
Co-Chairs: Audra Parker, Kristien Zenkov, & Doug Rogers

Kim Sloan, Carla Tanguay, Barbara Purdum-Cassidy, Heidi Bacon, Aiyana Henry, Greer Richardson, Lori Fulton, & Tom Conway

Description: View the essential questions that frame the purpose and goals of this task.

Distinguished Member Research Group Task Force

(2022-TBA - J. Hicks Commission)
Chair: Rebecca Harris

Members: Glinda Black, Karen Dunlap, Rebecca Fredrickson, Lori Fulton, Jon Yoshioka

Description: View the purpose of the task force.

Commission on Advocacy

(2020-2023 - Beck Commission)
Co-Chairs: Ann Shelly and Jim Alouf

Members: Pat Swails, Tom Conway, Christian Legler, Phillip Bernhardt.

Ex Officio Members: Judy Beck, Alisa Chapman

Description: View the essential questions that frame the purpose and goals of this task.

Advocacy Handbook

Core Values Statement

History of ATE

(2019-2022 - C. McIntyre Commission)
John McIntyre
Members: Dona Gibson, Karen Jenlink, Patrick Jenlink, Christie McIntyre, Vince O-Neill, Shaoan Zhang, Elizabeth Ward

Description: This commission has been charged with developing a monograph depicting the history of the Association of Teacher Educators and its contributions to the development of teacher education through that history.

Commission on Teacher Educator Development

(2019-2022 - Tate Commission)
Chair: Brandon Butler

Members: John McIntyre Rebecca Burns, Joseph Nicholas, Renee Clift, Ashlie Jack, Angela Hooser, James Rigney, Jason Ritter, Jori Beck, Seth Parsons, Jen Jacobs, Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Monique Alexander, Rebecca Frederickson, Nancy Dana, Alex Cuenca

Description: To view the essential questions that frame the purpose and goals of this task click here.

Task Force on Addressing the Needs of Cooperating/Mentor/Associate Teacher in their Practices/Roles as Supervisors of the Novice Teacher

(2019-2022 - Tate Commission)
Co-Chairs: Philip Bernhardt, Thomas Conway, Greer Richardson
Members: Beth Wilkins, Romena Holbert, Blake West, Tim Sutton, Cecilia Hernandez, Doug Rogers, Marcy Keifer Kennedy, Karen Dunlap, Megan Lawless, Vince O'Neill, Audra Parker, Shelia Conway, Gwen Price, Amy Rogers, Ruben Garza, Kristy Shackelford, Westry Whitaker

Description: To view the essential questions that frame the purpose and goals of this task click here.

ATE Task Force on Identity and Member Retention 

(2017-2020 - Embry-Jenlink Task Force)
Co-Chairs: Karen Embry-Jenlink and Emma Savage-Davis

Members: Solomon Abebe, Freddie Bowles, Nancy Dana, Robin Hollyfield, Natalie King, Christie McIntyre, Joseph Nichols, Sophia Paljevic, Christine Reyes, C
arrie Robinson, Rachelle Rogers, Cheryl Torrez, and Jennifer Young-Wallace.

Description: As ATE approaches its centennial anniversary, this task force seeks to address two questions that emerged in the summer 2018 strategic planning retreat: Who do we serve? Who do we wish to become? 

Task Force on Field Experience Standards

(2016-2019; renewed 2020-2022 - Lefever Commission)
Co-Chairs: David M. Byrd, D. John McIntyre
Rebecca Burns, Angie Hooser, Vince O'Neill, Paul Paese, Lois Paretti, Tara Plachowski, Tim Sutton, Kathryn Will-Dubyak, Rachel Wolkenhauer

Task Force on ATE/NAPDS Collaboration

(2016-2019 - Lefever Task Force)
Co-Chairs: Barbara Purdum-Cassidy and Rebecca Burns
ATE members: Renee Clift, Amanda Marguerite Rudolph, Debi Thomas, Karen Embry Jenlink, Shirley Lefever. NAPDS Members: Donnan Stoicovy, Doug Rogers, Michael Cosenza, Karen Hassell.

Commission on the Effects of Language on Children’s Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics

(2015-2018 - Houser Commission)
Chair: Trena Wilkerson, Baylor University
Members: Gina Yoder, IUPUI; Regina Mistretta, St. John’s University; Loi Booher, University of Central Arkansas; Patricia Nugent, Bradley University; Justin Adcock, Regis University; Andrea Cayson, Bridgewater State University; Elisabeth Johnston, Plymouth State University

Commission on Social Justice and Access to Equitable Education in the Global Community

(2014-2020 - Savage-Davis Commission)
Co-Chairs: Jane McCarthy and Maxine Cooper
Members: Ye “Jane” He; Jewell Cooper; Ashley Ryan; Aileen Watts; Asa Morberg; Debby Shulsky; Ann Shelly; Linda Quinn; Faye Snodgress; Emily Lin; Lois Paretti; Joseph Nichols; Shahla Fayazpour; Julie Hall; Beverly Klug; Laurie Curtis

Archived ATE Presidential Commissions and Task Forces, 2004-Present


ATE/NASA Education Joint Commission on STEM Education in the Future (2017-2020 - Embry-Jenlink Commission)

Description and Members

News Report

Final Report

Technology and the Future of Teacher Education (Robinson, 2002-2005)


Conversion to Standing Committee

Affective Education (Van Tassell, 2003-2006 and 2006-2009)

Future of Teacher Education (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

High Stakes Testing (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

Mentoring and Induction (Pultorak, 2004-2007 and 2007-2010)

Proactive as a Not-for-Profit Organization (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

2006 National Congress

Quality Leaders for Novice Teachers (Pultorak, 2004-2007 and 2007-2010)

Student Leaders for ATE (SLATE) (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

Teacher as Researcher (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

Teacher Reflectivity (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

Race and Schooling (Mattai, 2005-2008)

Gender and Schooling (Mattai, 2005-2008)

School and Community Issues (Mattai, 2005-2008)

School Violence Prevention, chair Gwendolyn Middlebrooks (McCarthy, 2006-2009)

Global Connections, co-chairs Laura Stackowski and Gretchen Espinetti (Paese, 2008-2011)

Stabilizing the Teaching Force, chair Leslie Huling (Paese, 2008-2011)

Development of the Whole Child, co-chairs Sandy Brownscombe and Eileen Westerman (Paese, 2008-2011)

Children of Poverty/Urban Education, co-chairs Sandy Alber and Charlotte Reed (Paese, 2008-2011)

Community Colleges and Teacher Education, Beryle Baker, Chair (Digby 2009-2012)

Agency in Teacher Education, Ryan Flessner, Kami Patrizio, and Grant Miller Co-chairs (Digby 2009-2012)

Teacher Self-Efficacy, chaired by Nancy P. Gallavan (Peace 2010-2013 and 2013-2016)

Clinically Based Teacher Preparation (Alouf, 2011-2014 and 2014-2017)

Graduate Education in the 21 st Century, co-chaired by Shirley Lefever and Renee Clift (Shelly, 2012-2015)

Classroom Assessment (Gallavan, 2013-2016)

Classroom Teachers as Associated Teacher Educators (Gallavan, 2013-2016)

Social Justice and Access to Equitable Education in the Global Community, co-chaired by Jane McCarthy
and Maxine Cooper (Savage-Davis, 2014-2017 and 2017-2020)

Social Justice and Access to Equitable Education in Our Nation, co-chaired by Beverly Klug and Ryan Flessner (Savage-Davis, 2014-2017)

Methodologies for Evaluating Schools of Education and Alternative Teacher Certification Programs (Houser, 2015-2018)

Practitioner Research, chaired by Nancy Dana (Lefever, 2016-2019)

Online Teaching and Learning, chaired by Nancy P. Gallavan (Lefever, 2016-2019)

Raising the Profile of the Profession, chaired by Cathy Pearman (Lefever, 2016-2019)

Online Teaching and Learning, chaired by Nancy P. Gallavan (Lefever, 2016-2019)

Raising the Profile of the Profession: Telling our Stories, chaired by Cathy Pearman (Lefever, 2016-2019)

ATE / NASA Joint Commission on STEM Education in the Future, chaired by Leslie Huling (Embry-Jenlink, 2017-2020)

Diversifying Leadership in Higher Education, chaired by Emma Savage Davis (Embry-Jenlink, 2017-2020)

Teacher Educator Development, chaired by Brandon Butler (Tate, 2018-2021)

History of ATE (McIntyre, 2019-2022)


Task Forces

Assessment of Teacher Educator Standards (Van Tassell, 2003-2006 and 2006-2009)

Revision of Teacher Educator Standards

Strategic Plan for Enhancing ATE Revenue (Pultorak, 2004-2007)

Governance (James, 2007-2010)

Bylaws Task Force (Paese, 2008-2011)

Task Force for the Assessment of Teacher Educator Standards (Digby, 2009-2012)

Conference Structure Task Force (Conference Restructuring Task Force), Terry James, Chair (Digby, 2009-

Strategic Planning Task Force (Alouf, 2011-2014)

Field and Clinical Standards, David Byrd and Janice Thompson, co-chairs (Shelly, 2012-2015 and 2015-2018)

Governance Review, chaired by Jim Alouf (Shelly, 2012-2015)

Ad Hoc Committee on Nominations Elections Procedures to complement task force work chaired by Terrell Peace

Task Force on Organizational and Operational and Policies and Procedures, chaired by Ann Shelly (Gallavan, 2013-2016)

ATE-KDP Task Force

Resources for Professional Growth in the Digital Age, co-chaired by Paul Resta and Bob McLaughlin (Savage-Davis, 2014-2017)

ATE Website and Social Media Policy Task Force, co-chaired with Vince O’Neill (Embry-Jenlink, 2017-2020)

ATE Identity and Member Retention (Savage-Davis and Embry-Jenlink, 2018-2021)

Addressing the Needs of the School-based Teacher Educator, co-chaired by Philip Bernhardt, Tom Conway, and Greer Richardson (Tate, 2018-2021)

Teacher Educator Identity (Tate, 2018-2021)

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