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  Association of Teacher Educators

Distinguished Research in Teacher Education

Sponsored by the Robert Schuck Fund

The award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education has been established to recognize and promote exceptional research that substantially contributes to the improvement of teacher education. The Association of Teacher Educators presents this award in anticipation that such recognition will stimulate research to: (1) further the development of teacher education; (2) disseminate related information nationally and internationally; and (3) expand the knowledge base relative to teacher education.

Submission deadline for the award to be presented at the Annual Meeting is July 1.

Submission Criteria

  • Articles may be submitted for consideration by the author(s), or they may be nominated by a reader. Authors need not be active members of ATE.
  • Articles must report empirical research that is directly related to teacher education.
  • Articles must be published (or accepted and scheduled to be published - include official notification from publisher) in peer reviewed journals within two years of the submission deadline.
  • Articles must not exceed 25 pages (references do not count toward page limit). Entries should be .pdf copies of the published/accepted articles.
  • Submissions must include a separate cover page that includes the following:

Title of article; name of author(s); journal title, issue, and date of publication; complete contact information for author(s), including name, title, institution, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address; name and contact information for person nominating article (if not the author).

  • The article and separate cover page should be emailed as attachments to the chair:

     Giang-Nguyen Thi Nguyen 

     University of West Florida

     (850) 8576461

Entries must be received by July 1.

Evaluation/Award Procedures

Entries that meet the criteria stated above will be evaluated by a panel of ATE Research Committee members. Articles will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Clarity and persuasiveness of the research problem/question and rationale.
  • Appropriateness and thoroughness of the theoretical framework and the methods used.
  • Clarity and persuasiveness of conclusions and/or interpretations in light of reported data.
  • Significance of implications for teacher education.
  • Overall quality of the writing.

The recipient(s) of the ATE Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Award will be notified by October 1. Recipients are expected to make a presentation about their research and attend the awards ceremony at the ATE Annual Meeting in February.

Previous Recipients

Distinguished Research in Teacher Education Award
sponsored by the Leadership Foundation for Teacher Education

2023 Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Boston College and

Emilie Mitsescu Reagan, Claremont Graduate University

View a full list of previous award winners and titles of their work.

 2022 Leah Shagrir, Levinsky College of Education
 2021 No award
 2020Peshe Kuriloff, Will Jordan, Danielle Sutherland, and Annette Ponnock, Temple University
 2019Brooke A. Moore, Fort Hays State University
Seth Parsons, George Mason University, Margaret Vaughn, University of Idaho; Jacquelynn A. Malloy,
Clemson University; Melissa Pierczynski, University of Maryland
Karen Koellner, Hunter College, CUNY & Jennifer Jacobs, University of Colorado
Andrew Stremmel, James Burns, Christine Nganga, and Katherine Bertolin, South Dakota State University
 2015 Laura M. Desimone, Eric D. Hochberg, Andrew C. Porter, and Robert Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania;
Morgan S. Polikoff, University of Southern California; and L. Joy Johnson, University of Michigan
 2014 Joan L. Whipp, Marquette University
 2013 Doug Hamman, Kevin Gosselin, Texas Tech University; Jacqueline Romano, Illinois State University;
Rommel Bunuan, University of Texas at Austin
 2012 Elvira Sanatullova-Allison, Chatham College
 2011 Leisa A. Martin, University of Akron
 2010 Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware
 2009 Frank Crasborn, Fountys University of Applied Science; Paul Hennissen, Radboud University; Niels Brouwer,
Vrije University; Fred Korthagen, Utrecht University; Theo Bergen, The Netherlands Eindhoven School of
Education, University of
 2008 Peter Smagorinsky, The University of Georgia; Laura Wright, Newcastle, OK; Sharon Murphy Augustine, Mercer University; Cindy O’Donnell-Allen, Colorado State University; Bonnie Konopak, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Donald Boyd, Hamilton Lankford, James Wyckoff; University at Albany; Pamela Grossman, Susanna Loeb,
Stanford University
 2006 Steven Z. Athanases, University of California, Davis; Betty Achinstein, University of California, Santa Cruz
 2005 Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Nancy Fichtman Dana, University of Florida
 2004 Howard Pullman, Susan Pullman, Youngstown State University, Isadore Newman University of Akron, Pietro Pascale, Susi Turner, Educational Consultants; Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University
 2003 Arthur Costigan, Elizabeth Dykman, Queens College, CUNY; Laurel Lampala, University of New Mexico
 2002 Anthony L. Ambrosio, Jerry Long, Rodney Sobieski, Eileen L. Hogan, Marie C. Miller, Cynthia A. Seguin,
Rachelle M. Smith, Emporia State University
 2001 Patricia K. Kubow, Bowling Green State University; Frances O’C. Rust, New York University
 2000 Karen Heinz, Margaret Kinzel, Martin A. Simon, Ron Tzur, The Pennsylvania State University
 1999 Maria Elena Galvez-Martin, Ohio State University-Lima; Connie Bowman, University of Dayton; Margaret A.
Morrison, Hilliard School District, OH
 1998 No award given
 1997 Marilyn Cochran Smith, Boston College; Vivian Gunn Morris, Satomi Taylor, Janie Knight, Rebecca Morris,
University of Memphis
 1996 Pamela Fry, University of Oklahoma; Patricia Hart, James Rowley, University of Dayton
 1995 Lisa DeMuelle, The University of Memphis
 1994 Judith Ponticell, Texas Tech University
 1993 James B. Rowley, Patricia M. Hart , University of Dayton
 1992 Victoria Risko, George Peabody College at Vanderbilt University; Penelope Peterson, Michigan State University
 1991 Alice W. Ryan, Dowling College, Oakdale, New York; Mary M. Kennedy, Michigan State University
 1990 Kenneth R. Howey and Nancy L. Zimpher, The Ohio State University; Kenneth M. Zeichner, University of
Wisconsin and Madison; Daniel P. Liston, Washington University; Marc Mahlios, Mary Gomez, University of
Colorado, Denver
 1989 Jesse Goodman, Indiana University
 1988 Thomas J. Buttery, University of Alabama, David Weller, University of Georgia
 1987 Ann Q. Staton-Spicer, Ann L. Darling, University of Washington; Judith Christensen, National College of Education, Peter Burke, Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction, Ralph Fessler, Johns Hopkins University, John M. Johnston, University of Memphis; Robert Heideman, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Geraldine Brownlee, University of Illinois at Chicago, John McDonnell, Beloit College and Jay Price, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
 1986 Joyce E. Killian and D. John McIntyre, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Jesse Goodman, Indiana University
 1985 Virginia Richmond, Patricia Kearney, James C. McCroskey and Timothy G. Plax, West Virgina University;
Parmalee Hawk, Charles R. Coble, East Carolina University
 1984 Robert F. Schuck, University of Pittsburgh; Jon J. Denton, University of Houston & Roxane Exezidis, Houston
Independent Schools
 1983 Virginia Richmond and James McCroskey, West Virginia University; John Creswell, University of Houston and John Doxier, Houston Independent Schools
 1982 Nira Hativa, Stanford University; Thomas J. Buttery, Northeast Louisiana University
 1981 Robert F. Schuck, University of Pittsburgh; Paul B. Otto, University of South Dakota
 1980 Judith C. Christensen, University of Northern Iowa; Jon J. Denton, Texas A&M University
 1979 Robert F. Schuck, University of Pittsburgh; Alfred DeVito, Purdue University and Steven Mazucca, Indiana
 1978 Robert Gabrys, State University College at Oneonta; Florence Pritchard, Maryland State Department of Education
 1977 George Redman, Hamline University; Timothy Sullivan and Charles Dziuban, Central Florida University
 1976 Nita Hale Barbour, University of Maryland; Mary Lynn Collins, LeMoyne College
 1975 J. William Moore, Bucknell University and Judith Schaut, Central Susquehanna
 1974 W. J. Burns, Cleveland Commission of Higher Education; Earl D. Clark, Kansas State University
 1973 Jack Greenstein, Central Washington University and Theodore Greenstein,Washington State University

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