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Special Interest Group: Early Childhood Teacher Ed.

The First Early Childhood Educator is Named Teacher of the Year

 ATE Early Childhood Teacher Education SIG congratulates:

Tabatha Rosproy, Kansas 2020 CCSSO National Teacher of the Year

If you have ever taught young children, or still do, this list will make you smile.

The 100 Best Children's Books of All Time 

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View a PDF of the March 2020 Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession from
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First and foremost, the purpose of the ATE Early Childhood SIG is to provide a forum for the dissemination of current research and practice among early childhood teacher educators. Further, we intend to provide a consistent meeting place where early childhood educators across the nation can network, share ideas for teaching/learning, facilitate a community of collaborative endeavors, and support an environment of comradery among our members. Additionally, we aim to advocate for both children and their families by preparing future early childhood teachers to implement research based, best practices, which are developmentally appropriate and will positively impact children’s growth and development in each of the developmental domains. Finally, we strive to recruit new members through which the next generation of early childhood educators will be nurtured and sustained.

  • To increase communication between SIG members and others interested in Early Childhood Teacher Education (ECTE).
  • To provide a forum for reporting on research, programs, and other ECTE issues.
  • To inform other ATE members about teaching in developmentally appropriate early childhood settings.


Billi L. Bromer, Ed.D.


Brenau University College of Education

Louise Ammentorp


The College of New Jersey

Dr. Laurel Byrne


La Salle University

More Information and Resources

We had a number of presentations across the 2020 conference including a panel of authors of our new publication, an ECTE Symposium, our annual meeting, and the newly added Sippin' SIGs.  We welcomed newcomers, Cerissa and Alan to our group.

We extend a huge thank you to Jill for her years of service as Co-Chair. She will pass the baton and move on to new challenges.  Jill's commitment to the ECTE SIG is greatly appreciated and her leadership has served as an example for us.  Laurel will be joining Billi as co-chair and Louise Ammentorp from The College of New Jersey has kindly agreed to be Secretary. 

Thanks to everyone for sharing ideas to increase engagement throughout the year as a SIG.  Some new ideas were generated at the meeting this year. We will be holding collaborative video conference (Zoom) meetings on topics of special interest to members as a way to maintain the collaboration that is present at the annual ATE conference each year.  Christophe Meidl will be hosting our first topic, Men in the Field of Early Care and Education in June.  Watch here for details about that and other Zoom sessions. Please feel welcome to share your Zoom meeting topics in the Forum and we invite all members to consider leading a Zoom meeting on their special interest topic.

We brainstormed ideas for next year's theme for our ECTE SIG Symposium and are looking at Social-Emotional Learning.  Please share your specific Symposium topics in the Forum as well.  We will be sending out a call for specific Symposium presentations in the coming months.

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Images from the 2020 Annual Meeting ECTE SIG

Chatting at the Sippin' SIGs

Collaborating in the Symposium

Sharing at the SIG meeting

ECTE SIG Welcomes New Members

Be sure to check out the images and presentations from our 2019 ECE SIG meeting in Atlanta!

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