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ATE Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars program was created for the purpose of supporting the research of doctoral students and beginning professors in their first or second year faculty appointments. The Emerging Scholars meet during the annual meeting in February. At the beginning of the conference, Emerging Scholars are invited to a reception in their honor where they meet and collaborate with their assigned mentor and colleagues. During this collaborative time, mentors will provide feedback on the Emerging Scholars submitted manuscripts as well as guide them in preparation for their presentations. Scholars will present their research projects in a multiple paper format followed by time for discussion facilitated by their assigned mentors.


Proposal Submission Process for Emerging Scholars:

    • Research must be completed prior to the submission date for proposals;
    • Proposals should not exceed 10 pages (including references)
    • Proposals must contain the following:
        • Title
        • Introduction and theoretical framework
        • Research question(s)
        • Methods or techniques of data collection
        • Conclusions/Implications for teaching and teacher education
        • References

Emerging Scholar Expectations:

    • If accepted as an Emerging Scholar, individuals must attend the Emerging Scholar reception and annual meeting;
    • If accepted, Emerging Scholars must submit a draft of their manuscript (20-30 pages) to their assigned mentor 30 days in advance of the conference date; and
    • Emerging Scholars will prepare a 15-minute formal presentation that summarizes their manuscript to be shared at the ATE annual meeting.


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