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Leadership Foundation for Teacher Education (LFTE Grant)

In order to foster leadership,  LFTE is pleased to announce the availability of matching grants. Leadership may be broadly defined by the applying unit.

         A. Goal/Focus of the grant – The statement must define a specific plan for developing leadership at the local, state
              or national level
B. Purpose – To develop articulation with the national ATE Office, the  ATE Board of Directors, and with relevant
     ATE Standing Committees, Commissions and Task Forces to further the mission of ATE
C. Eligible applicants – Recognized units of ATE (active state or regional units)
D. Matching grant amounts --  LFTE will match 2:1, example if the applying unit requests $500 LFTE will contribute
     $1000.  There will be a limit of a maximum sum of $1000 from LFTE for any grant with no more than five (5) 
     matching grants made by LFTE in one year.
E. SignaturesAll grant applications must be signed by head of unit, unit president, and executive director.

LFTE Leadership Foundation for Teacher Education
Matching Grant Application

1.  Purpose of the Grant
      A.  Describe the program/project, the need(s) it will address and what it will accomplish
      B.  Is this a new or ongoing program/project for this organization?
      C.  List the program/project goals and objectives
      D.  Describe the timetable for this program/project to be completed

      E.  Do other organizations provide services similar to  your program/project?  If so, why is it important for your 
           unit to provide this service?

2.  Budget Information
     A.  State the exact dollar amount of program/project being requested by this grant

     B.  Please provide a budget showing how the funds will be spent
     C.  List all sources of funding for this program/ project and describe them in terms of their ongoing nature
     D. What are the long-term strategies for funding the program/project beyond the grant period?
     E.  How does your unit work with other agencies/organizations?
3.  Personnel and follow-up
     A.  Indicate names and contact information for individuals responsible for this program/project

     B.  Provide names and contact information for other individuals involved, including officers and administrative

     C.  What are the qualifications and expertise of the individuals responsible for the implementation of this

    D.  How will you evaluate this program/project? (note: You are required to make a written report to LFTE
          indicating to what extent you feel your objectives were met.)

    E.  Are there any special circumstances that the LFTE Advisory Council should be aware of regarding your unit or

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