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Special Interest Group: Multicultural Education


The purpose of the Multicultural Education SIG is to establish, within the organizational structure of the Association of Teacher Educators, an ongoing forum dedicated to the generation, dissemination, and critique of scholarship that informs curricular and pedagogical thought, practice, and policy in relation to social justice in teacher education. Our scope encompasses K-12 schools, undergraduate and graduate programs, and community agencies. Multicultural education is interpreted as advocating for equity across, and at the intersections of, race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, spirituality, exceptionality, nationality, immigrant/refugee status, and language.


Dr. Natalie King
Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
Science Education, Dept. of Middle & Secondary Education

More Information and Resources

Dr. Natalie King with Dr. Lanette Trowery

ATE Multicultural Education SIG presents the
Dr. Anne Richardson Gayles-Felton Travel Award

Deadline: November 2019

The ATE Multicultural Education SIG will fund two stipends at $100 each. One stipend will be awarded to a doctoral student, and the other to a faculty member in a tenure-track full-time position. Both recipients must be engaged in scholarly work in the field of multicultural education. The stipend will be used to defray ATE Annual Meeting registration costs.

Applicants for the stipend award must be current ATE members and have been selected to present at the upcoming ATE Annual Meeting. (Preference will be given to SIG members.) Award recipients will be expected to attend SIG activities. This will include a presentation/discussion of their scholarship at the ATE Annual Meeting.

Application Requirements:

1) Institution and Current Position

2) Copy of Proposal Acceptance for the ATE Annual Meeting, current year

3) A narrative (2-3 pages) that addresses the topics below. It must be clear, complete, and concise.

4) Rationale for why you should receive the registration stipend award.

5) Research interests and how it supports the mission of the Multicultural Education SIG.

6) How receiving this SIG stipend will assist you financially to attend the Annual ATE Meeting.

Application Review Committee:

  • A committee, consisting of three active Multicultural Education SIG members, will review all applications and determine awardees.
  • Application submissions and review timeline will be dependent upon ATE Annual Meeting.
  • Members of the application review committee and the SIG leadership team are ineligible to apply for the SIG registration stipend.

Send your application packet electronically as a single PDF file to:
Wanda Lastrapes, SIG Vice-Chair.

Dr. Anne Richardson Gayles-Felton with Dr. Natalie King

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